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Call For A Quick Clean Today! Texoma CleaningYes, you just got a call from a friend who found out about your new listing!  Great, but the only problem is it isn't ready to show!

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common pain points for agents who have potential buyers that call right after a home is listed. Of course it's also true sellers never know when that call for a last-minute showing may come in. What do you do?

Call Texoma Cleaning of course.

Let your seller know you want someone to come in before lunch for a quick touch up clean,  and ask if they are ready to vacate their home at a potential buyer’s whim? Of course they will say yes to a quick clean. They just need to get in and pick up the living spaces in the house, and then they are ready for that last minute clean, and guess what no more stress. Right?

Easily Manage Keeping Your sellers homes, offices, or facilities clean by simply calling Texoma Cleaning means that you have one thing off the list to be concerned about. Here is a quick list of things that can be added to your spot clean which will extend the life of that clean.

Clean Realtor Listings Ideas:

Adjust the humidity to between 40% - 50% to help banish dust. Too much moisture in the air may make an ideal environment for dust mites, while an overly-dry space causes static electricity (which attracts dust and makes it harder to remove). The sweet spot means less dust over time

Use a rain repellant to keep soap scum off glass surfaces in the bath, kitchen, laundry areas and outside areas. After cleaning the bathroom, coat glass shower doors and walls with a rain-repellant product made for car windshields. This invisible barrier causes water, oils, and soap suds to bead up and just roll off. How easy is that?

Use a countertop sealer to repel stains on granite marble and natural stone if it isn't already in place. Applications twice per year will make sure they are easier to clean, keep wine jucie or soy sauce stains in check, and help keep them looking bright and beautiful. Not sure if you need a new application, take a test with water drops. If the water doesn’t bead or doesn’t stay beaded for two to three minutes, it’s time to reseal.

Upholstery and carpet cleans make a big difference in how the location may be received. Simply apply protective furniture sprays and carpet sealant to guard against inevitable spills. Added bonus: Some of these products also protect fabrics from fading and resist mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Realtor agents, keep a spot-cleaning kit in your car for quick touch-ups before you show any appointments. Many people have different products stored all over the home, making chores more of an all-day production than a quick touch-up job. Putting together a basket of general cleaning supplies—including scrub pads/sponges, general-purpose spray, and sweeper cloths—can help you to be prepared when that quick show call comes in.

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