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Policies & Procedures

Things You Need To Know!

Policies and Proceedures

Texoma Cleaning has placed our policies on this page just in case you may have some questions. Our main goal is to make sure we keep your home or business totally clean and hassle free. Policies and procedures helps us communicate to you the things we believe are important to our business.

Safety - Keys and Alarm Systems

Texoma Cleaning customers leave a key to their home at our office, and we take extreme measures to protect each key. We assign every customer key a security code and store it in a key safe. No identifying information is ever put on any key. Also for your safety, we do not return keys by mail.

If you have an alarm system at your home or business and it is simple to operate, you can give instructions on its operation to us in writing at our first visit.


Our employees are very important to us, and we are very serious about keeping them safe, so they do not use ladders more than 2 steps high or move anything heavier than 35 lbs. These types of activities put our employees in danger of back injury. If you would like us to clean behind appliances like a refrigerator, oven or sofa, please move it prior to the cleaning to allow access to the desired area. For all special requests, simply give us a call to properly arrange for your need to be handled properly.


We will not bring bleach into a home to use as a cleaning product. If you request us to use bleach supplied in your home, please be aware that we will not be responsible for any damage caused by your bleach.


If it is necessary to cancel/skip any scheduled cleaning day, please notify Texoma Cleaning at least 2 business days before the scheduled day. We have a page on the website called Contact Us where you can use a form. You may also send the Office Manager an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text to 903-814-8806. That will allow us to reassign the service provider or team to another appointment. If we receives less than 2 business days' notice, or can't access your home, it will be necessary for us to charge the full price of your cleaning.

To ensure that all your needs are addressed, please correspond all requests and changes directly to your Texoma Cleaning office manager. Please do not communicate these important details with service providers. If for some reason you wish to terminate your Cleaning Service services, please be sure to submit this in writing to your local Texoma Cleaning office or email on the website.

Arrival Notice

If you wish to wait for your provider to give them access into your home, please realize that we can give arrival windows of about 4 hours, such as 9 am -1:00 pm or 11am - 3:00 pm. Many things can affect our schedules, such as cancellations, lockouts or customers adding services. We want to save you time and not make you waste it waiting for us to arrive. Providing a key to Texoma Cleaning is the most efficient way for you to provide your service provider access to your home.

Payments and Refunds


For your convenience, Texoma Cleaning gladly accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, check, or Discover, MasterCard/Visa, Cash App or Venmo. Customers will be expected to pay for their cleaning at the time of service. Customers may leave a credit card number in a secured file with Texoma Cleaning to use in the event you forget to leave your payment on the scheduled cleaning day.

A $10.00 non-payment fee will be incurred if payment is not made on the scheduled service day, and a $25.00 fee is applied to all returned checks. If you use a credit card, your account will be charged the balance due, plus any fees, after each cleaning. Paid invoices are available upon request.


Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we cannot offer refunds to customers. However, we want you to be 100% satisfied with Texoma Cleaning. Please see our 24-hour guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your cleaning. There are no refunds for gift certificate purchases.


Texoma Cleaning does not require tipping, but it is a powerful way to say thank you to your service provider. Remember your appreciation need not be monetary. A personal note from you expressing your appreciation for their service can mean a great deal, or gift cards which are easy to obtain.

Referral Fees

Should you wish to hire a present or past member of the Texoma Cleaning staff for any home-related service outside of your agreement with Texoma Cleaning, our referral fee is $2,500. This fee is due within 30 days of notification from The Cleaning Service. If the fee is not paid, The Cleaning Service reserves the right to pursue other methods of collection.

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