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Complete The ApplicationOur success as a company depends on the strength of our entire team. We work closely with our employees to create an innovative, creative and rewarding work environment in which we all thrive. We are interested in hiring a staff of cleaning professionals.

Texoma Cleaning has the best talent around. Since we provide services in North Texas, Texoma, and the Southern Oklahoma regions, we invite you to apply for a position with us. From long term employees to our best industrial cleaning professionals, our diverse team has experience in many industries and disciplines. Our common goal: to help individuals improve their skills and well-being.

Texoma Cleaning understands that as a new member of our team, you still must be able to feel like you are making a big difference in the company, as well as in the lives of our clients. Here at Texoma Cleaning, we know that our team members positively impact the lives of individuals. By embracing the spirit of teamwork, we deliver superior service to all our residential customers, commercial & industrial clients. If you are a cleaning professional or would like to learn, we are here to meet your employment needs.

The path to success with Texoma Cleaning truly depends on you. Thus, as a team, we will be committed to helping each one of our team members reach their full potential by creating individual development plans, mentoring programs, and providing access to tools, resources and training so people can be their best.

We are Committed to Your Success and invite you to join us. You may call us at 903-814-8806 and find out more about the company and your future.

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