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Cleaning For Seniors - Texoma Cleaning Services

Keeping a clean home for senior citizens can often be a challenge. Daily upkeep may often be more of an issue than you originally thought. If your friend, loved one or family member has a mobility issue, those day to day tasks may be compromised. Texoma Cleaning Services is here to help.

Senior housekeeping services play a valuable role in keeping seniors at home for as long as possible. This will also allows the senior to continue to live independently while receiving much needed help in daily or weekly housekeeping chores, by providing a variety of options to choose from. Seniors will not be limited to finding a one-size-fits-all housekeeping agency or service. With seniors aged 85 and up reported to be the fastest growing demographic in America, it’s not hard to see why companies are starting to tailor more services towards this growing niche. Maybe you are 65 and find that balancing a job, meal planning and preparation and having a social life is no longer possible. Learning limits after 60 may be tough but your home will not suffer from being unkept if you call and make arrangements for Texoma Cleaning to help.

In-home cleaning services to restore a safe, clean home free of bacteria and germs on tables and counter tops,  trip hazards, and inside kitchen appliances, and potential areas for falls can become quite a joy. From light housekeeping to  deep cleaning, regular and routine goals are all options. If your family member lives far away and their home setting needs attention, you have come to the right place at Texoma Cleaning Services. Various activities that can be assigned do vary from setting to setting, and demands are set by you for each instance.

Senior Housekeeping Services Might Include Any Or All Of These:

  • General cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning counter tops
  • Cleaning stoves and ovens
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Wiping down kitchen appliances
  • Organizing closets and cupboards
  • Mopping floors
  • Gathering laundry for washing clothes
  • Polishing silverware
  • Taking out the trash
  • Making beds
  • Sweeping entryways & patios
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • And More . . .

Aging or disabled friends, family members, and rehabilitation after medical treatments, all require special cleaning methodology for the elderly. Living in a clean and organized home, seniors enjoy greater feelings of wellbeing—and even experience good health. Those germs that linger on countertops and other surfaces need to be disinfected and washed away to prevent bacterial and viral infections. Making sure refrigerators and cupboards free of expired or spoiled foods can avert food-borne illnesses as well. To avoid fire hazards, stoves, toasters, ovens and other appliances must be regularly cleaned to avoid a build-up of grease, oils or crumbs.

Because it’s not easy to stay ahead of clutter or clean a home’s nooks and crannies if you’re a senior or disabled, Texoma Cleaning & Light Housekeeping Services  can literally be a lifesaver. Texoma Cleaning Services will absolutely make it possible for your aging parent, friend, or disabled family member to enjoy the peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes with a clean and uncluttered home while leaving all the cleanup work to us.

Please, Texoma Senior Housekeeping Services invites you to contact us today about light housekeeping options for your elderly friend or family member. That call to 903-814-8806 will change the life of your loved ones and help you to have peace of mind, save time and money, and bring joy to the home living situation. A home, apartment, trailor, or duplex location means healthy, safe, living meeting all your requirements will be met as often as you need them.

Why should you choose Texoma Cleaning for your cleaning needs? Because we are the best at what we do. Consistent professional cleaning every time is our main goal. Making sure that each staff member knows what you expect means we can meet your goals and provide you with peace of mind at that same time. You can call us right now and discuss all your cleaning needs at 903-814-8806.